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UK Driving Test

In 2016/17 the average pass rate for the people taking the UK practical driving test for the first time was around 47.1%. For taking the practical test in general the Read More »

A car that runs on coffee

A lot of people like a cup of coffee in the morning to help them get going, but did you know that coffee can also make a car run? In Read More »

Innovations and Patents

The automobile industry is full of innovations, it is evolving all the time. Most of the time, people get credit for their ideas and inventions, but this is the case Read More »

Self-driving cars

In 2012, Nevada was the first state to pass a law allowing self-driving cars on the road. Since then Florida, California, and Michigan have done the same. Tests for robotic Read More »

Car audio and Subwoofers

Have you ever seen a car that seems to be vibrating, the music inside it is so loud? It’s likely that this car has a subwoofer installed in its speaker Read More »

Bank Holiday Drives

If you’re planning a trip with the family this bank holiday, or any other time of the year for that matter, the car ride there can make or break the Read More »

Safety First

Three point seat belts began to appear in production cars in 1959. The first car to come with a three point seat belt as standard was the 1959 Volvo 122. Read More »

A new Ford stereo system

A recent article alerted us to the fact that Ford is developing a new in car sound system which will effectively allow each person in the car to listen to Read More »

A bespoke stereo system

Three quarters of all the cars that Rolls Royce have ever produced are still on the road. Now doesn’t that say something about their quality! The Rolls Royce Wraith in Read More »

Traffic in the UK

Drivers in London will spend more than three days stuck in traffic each year. It’s not just London where this occurs. Other big cities such as Manchester, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Read More »