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Aide à fin de retrouver code de verrouillage

Hi full details for your radio code for the Peugeot 22DC594 can be found here – we..

Radio decode

Hi,  full details of our decoding service for the Suzuki 52R0 can be found here..

Unlocking car radio

We can certainly help you with that Suzuki Radio Code – please follow this link for..

Radio decode

We can certainly decode the Suzuki 52ro system, please follow this link for what..

Part number

Unlike the Delco branded units, the SiemensVDO versions can only be decoded by sending..


Hi, I have just written some software for that Renault Kangoo Radio, your code can..

Car stereo locked

We can certainly help you with your Suzuki Stereo – full details can be found he..

Can you find Code for VO1140 X0301155B CR 902

The Volvo CR902 needs sending to us to be programmed – full details can be found..

code help

From your description I can only draw one of the following conclusions. Either the..

Decode and reset VW Agila PACR08 car stereo

So long as its a VAUXHALL Aguila and not VW as stated, then this link should answer..