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A vinyl record player? In a car?

Believe it or not, for a short time in the 1950s there was a system known as the Highway Hi-Fi which was an in car vinyl record player. The system Read More »


Digital or analogue?

Though many people still have analogue radios in their cars DAB radios are becoming more and more popular. DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. One of the biggest plus points Read More »


When was the first car radio invented?

Though some custom car radios were installed in the 1920s they were extremely expensive and quite unusual. The first commercially sucessful car radio was produced in 1930 by the American Read More »


A ban on car radios?

Car radios have retained their popularity since they first arrived in cars in the 1930s, but did you know that at one time they were considered by some to be Read More »


Touch screen Navigation system made by LG Electronic LAN5200 & LAN5201

The Renault Captur is a great compact crossover made by Renault. In South Korea it is called the Renault Samsung Russia, the 4 wheel drive version is called the Kaptur. Read More »


Classic Blaupunkt car radio

A gorgeous example of a classic Blaupunkt car radio. If you have a Blaupunkt car radio, classic or modern, that needs unlocking, please get in touch to see how we Read More »


A sign of quality

Blaupunkt have long been known for their good sound quality. In fact, the name Blaupunkt evolved due to the blue dot being associated with a particularly high sound quality. Back Read More »


Blaupunkt – old and new

Since Blaupunkt created the first European car radio in 1932 they have made many more innovations from the first in car FM radio in 1952 right up to the first Read More »


The meaning of Blaupunkt

The name Blaupunkt is known around the world for audio equipment, including a wide variety or car radios. But, did you know that the name Blaupunkt means blue point, or Read More »


New website design: faster and more accurate

After a lot of work the new Blaupunkt Instant Car Radio site is ready for action 3 times faster than before, 4 times more codes and much more accurate!