Radio Decoding Service: Blaupunkt Specialists

A Toyota Dashboard

This picture shows an attractive Toyota 2000GT dashboard with radio. The term dashboard did not originally relate to cars. The term was first used for the piece of wood or leather attached to the front of a horse drawn carriage to stop mud and stones from being thrown up or ‘dashed’ into the driver or the passengers. Early cars were based on carriages and were in fact called ‘horseless carriages’, they retained the board at first to protect from debris from the road as they had done on carriages. Later when engines were mounted at the front of the vehicle they protected from the heat of them. As cars became more complicated it was coincidentally a convenient place to put dials and other things that were needed until it eventually looked like the instrument panels we have today, but it retained the old name.

If you have a Toyota radio which needs to be decoded, we offer an automated, instant service. We are also able to provide unlock codes for the vast majority of other brands of car stereos.